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About O.G. Comics

O.G. Comics is a small-press comics venture that was started in 2009 by writer Paul Regan and artist Gavin McPhail expressly for the purpose of publishing a comic called Trenchfoot; an ongoing comic-soap-opera about three super-villains living in The Lake District. Three issues of Trenchfoot have thus far been released, all penned by Regan and drawn by McPhail.

Trenchfoot has since morphed and ballooned into more than just one comic, though, and now sits as a banner across our own twisted, fictional universe. Titles such as The Blood and our first annual, Giant-Sized Trenchfoot #1 feature strange and diverse characters that, upon first glance, appear unrelated, but whose lives and actions are all deeply intertwined.

As our roster of titles grows so too does our staff. Already O.G. Comics has published work by the amazing artists Sam Willoughby and Daren Cosgrove, not forgetting the hilariously witty Michael O'Keefe, and our aim is to recruit more and more talented new artists as we continue.